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For us, being creative is not just a hobby-it's our way of life. Thank you for joining our creative journey.  Visit us often, as we introduce our latest designs that are created from nature's gifts.


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Here we have a Maple Bowl.
11 inches wide x 4 inches deep
Click images for a larger picture. 


DSC 0045c

DSC 0046c

DSC 0049c

Maple Natural Edge Bowl
Gorgeous Figure on the bottom
Click picture to see larger size



DSC 0063c

DSC 0064c

DSC 0065c

Poplar Bowl
Nicely mineralized
8 inches wide x 6.5 inches dee
Click images for a larger picture.


DSC 0051c

DSC 0054c

DSC 0057c

Our new American flags
Click picture for larger view.

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